chanda-5Our creative theme team turn average wedding venue spaces into magical wonderlands with the use of draping. Drapes with fairy lights inside cascade from high ceilings creating stunning settings for weddings and special events. Lycra Sails are a great way to add dimension to the corner of the room. The teardrop lighting effect can be themed with any colour. Our stunning star drape back drop can create a magical effect to set off your bridal table, marry this up with some shimmering organza for a truly romantic wedding setting.
Black, White or coloured draping for a subtle magical effect or install some dramatic up-lighting to really set off those colours. We can wrap intrusive poles and railings to incorporate them into your theme and make them an attractive feature rather than an eye sore.

Draping can also be used to diguise areas such as outdoor kitchens and toilets, to blend them into the surroundings and protect your guests from possible unsightly work spaces.